Todo Encaja

Six bodies on the stage go up, down, dance, but above all, jump! UpArte presents a live show that maintains the high-level acrobatic technique, but this time the artists show their more human side with small touches of humor. A few boxes and nothing to tell.

 Todo encaja is a fresh, visual work, where its six components will infect the viewer with the joy of their music and more intense emotions through shoulder jumps, flights and human towers, showing the most personal and fun side of acrobatics. A sample of self-improvement and confidence, full of enthusiasm & nbsp; and with great capacity to infect it. All the show of a frantic, fresh and complicit rhythm, within a simple space that will make the audience enjoy the show.

” The jury has also valued […] the dedication and enthusiasm in the work and its connection to the roots of the most technical circus […], a work full of stunts at a pace that takes the viewer from beginning to end without hardly noticing and without closing the mouth of the surprises “

Duration: 40min street version, 50min room version.

Cia UpArte collective creation. For all audiences.

Prepare to hold your breath.

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