The company

UpArte was born in Murcia in 2012, under the roof of La Chimenea Escénica. At the beginning none of the members had practiced circus or imagined themselves professionalizing in this art, but his trainer Vitaliy Motouzka, a veteran Russian acrobat, knew how to transmit his passion for the circus and made out of nowhere, the professional circus company that was created Today.

His first steps through the stages were with a short format show, with which he participates in several festivals, including Circarte (2013 – Alicante) and Circada (2014 – Seville). Obtaining the second prize in the latter was an important incentive for the company to launch its first major long-term project, Todo Encaja.

With this new show the company takes a new direction that leads it to consolidate in the national circus market, be present in the European scene and even participate in an international circus festival in Africa (where the public gave it the prize to the best show)

Some colleagues marched but others arrived, enriching the company with their knowledge and energy. Currently the company consists of 7 members and their coach. Although it is still mostly made up of Murcians, it also consists of a Coruña, an Argentinian and, of course, a Russian.


Trainer:  Vitaliy Motouzka

Artists:  Anjara Moreno, Gisela Segatti, Guimelh Amaro, Israel Bernabe, Jesús Sandoval, Rubén Hurtado, Rubén Martínez

Lighting and sound: Pedro Antonio Bermejo

UpArte Company 

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