UpArte is a contemporary circus company that offers shows for all audiences in street and hall formats. In their works, seven artists on stage will offer us a visual, close and fun show, where their identity will be a high technical level and a great variety of acrobatics (abstain from spectators with heart ailments).

❝ From the circus point of view, we are facing an acrobatic troupe unparalleled in contemporary Spanish circus, which has been incorporating more and more tricks and rescuing circus techniques of enormous risk and spectacularity, such as the Russian bar. It is clear that for UpArte there are no limits. ❞  Circada Festival 2021

❞  The circus technique is impeccable. Through a perfectly choreographed development, the show immerses us in a crescendo of emotions Umore Azoka 2019 

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UpArte Company 

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