Maintaining the technical level and naturalness of the characters from the previous works, Áureo also aims to immerse the viewer in an atmosphere governed by harmony and proportion.

Áureo is beauty and plasticity, and at the same time risk, tension and impact.

Acrobatics of a high technical level are executed in a space in which the relations between objects and people were calculated with precision and argument. Nothing is arbitrary. There is no story, there is nothing to tell, only to create in the spectator an attraction towards the visual, the contrast between the cozy and the uncertainty of each element, each jump, each fall.

The interpreters appear plain, natural, and at the same time they are able to create images that surpass the limits of gravity. The everyday and the unreal, the invented, the unimaginable. Humor appears without being able to be avoided. Situations that are solved in the most human way bring to light the absurdity of normality.

Áureo is a dynamic and entertaining circus show that combines different circus disciplines, acrobatics, banquina, fixed bar, Russian bar and juggling, with the manipulation of the objects that make up the scenography . This time the company works with bars with which it interacts from beginning to end, generating images in perspective.

In addition to attracting with the aesthetics of space, a polished technique and a spontaneous environment, Áureo seeks to elicit in the audience the feeling that there is something more behind all that movement of bodies and bars: something that makes them smile.

Cia UpArte collective creation. For all audiences.

Acrobatic technique directionVitaliy Motouzka
Artistic directionHerminio Campillo
Lighting and sound Pedro Antonio Bermejo
Original musicJavier Cano
ScenographyMiguel Manzano
WardrobePedro Lobo

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