We are the circus company UpArte. We work within the performing arts and art is what we want to achieve. We offer a staging where various acrobatic techniques guide the show from start to finish.

❝ Yesterday the Circus company UpArte excited the audience with a show of acrobatics, humor and banquines in which the acrobats connect perfectly with the audience while playing with each other to the rhythm of beautiful music. Highly recommended. ❞ Zirkolika

Todo Encaja, the best 2018 street spectacle of the performing arts of the Region of Murcia ❞

❞  You just have to enjoy the show and you do not even have to understand, you just have to feel, hold your breath, laugh and have a good time ❝

UpArte Company 

(+34) 669 57 12 57


Germany distribution

(+49) 241 450 48 410